Google's DeepMind Health is a project that utilizes artificial intelligence to learn from data and make the healthcare process efficient.

In a Memorandum of Understanding between DeepMind and the Royal Free National Health Services (NHS) Trust in London, the pair pledges to " on genuinely innovative and transformative projects," over a five-year period.

Included in the agreement are plans for developing hospital support systems such as bed and demand management software, financial control products, and private messaging and task management for junior doctors.

Google DeepMind

Another key area in the partnership is real-time health prediction: the use of health care data to identify the risk of patient deterioration, death, and/or readmission.

The agreement intends to "maximize the benefit of bringing together two parties who are centers of excellence in their respective fields, including improvements in clinical outcomes, patient safety, patient and staff experience, as well as cost reductions."

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