The future will involve a lot of coding. We're networking everything, from our cars to nature itself, so the earlier we understand how code works, the better off we'll be. Twin Science's Introduction To Coding bundle, currently 34% off, has two kits that give kids educational toys to play with that make it fun to code.

The kits are developed by Twin Science, with a goal of creating science education that kids can make their own, and have their own fun with. As part of that, for every kit purchased, Twin directs a portion to their Global Science Movement to further science education around the world and improving equity in science education. For example, the Budgie project helps kids with visual impairments get access to science education.

That mission is reflected in the two kits in the bundle. The Curiosity Kit, for kids 7-10, is filled with fifteen easy-to-build projects that don't require any heat sources and that are compatible with Lego for even more fun. Each project in the kit is designed to teach problem-solving and analytical thinking while helping kids develop a longer attention span and better motor skills through play.

It also lays the groundwork for the Coding Kit, which can also be picked up by kids 9-12. The Coding Kit expands on the projects from the Curiosity Kit by adding Scratch and 50 hours of coding training to the mix to make your own robots. Scratch is a block-based coding language designed for kids that make coding as easy as dragging and dropping. It makes it easy to build features like loops and conditionals, so kids can learn how code uses iteration and if-then construction to operate.

Beyond coding, learning about science gives kids the tools to explore the world. Usually, these kits would cost $144 as a set. However, they're currently $94.99, 34% off, a perfect opportunity to give kids a window into the coding world.

Prices subject to change.

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