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From Earth to Supermassive Stars: A Remarkable Look At The Scale of The Cosmos

Hint: We're the pale blue dot.

We always hear that we are just tiny specks of dust in our galaxy–a pale blue dot “on a mote of dust, suspended in a sunbeam.” It can be difficult to wrap your head around how big space, and the objects in it, actually are. Especially since everything’s measured in light years, which are 9.46 billion kilometers (5.88 billion miles) each.

One youtube account with the username morn1415 is here to help us realize just how insignificant we are compared to the universe. A video uploaded by the user shows the planets, moon, stars and everything else in space to scale.

The video begins by showing the smaller celestial objects, such as Earth’s moon, and progresses up to the biggest objects, including a red supergiant called Uy Scuti. The video then slowly zooms out until you can’t see the red giant anymore. In fact, it’s just a tiny speck of the milky way, and there are billions of other galaxies out there.

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