In possibly the most perfect — and disgusting — metaphor for the state of blockchain discourse, a reality TV star has announced that she will stop selling her farts in jars — and start selling them as NFTs instead. 

Stephanie Matto, a former star on the reality show "90-Day Fiance," began packaging and selling her flatulence in November, Jam Press reports. After being hospitalized due to intestinal issues caused by a high-fiber food diet she started to induce more gas, though, she’s decided to "retire" from the fart jar game to sell fart jar NFTs. 

"These NFTs are just as beautiful, unique, and rare as my actual poots! You can practically smell how delightful they are through the screen," Matto said on her Fart Jars NFT website. "Just use your imagination!"

She documented her "fartrepreneur" journey on TikTok, where she’d show followers the foods and supplements she was eating in order to create her… um, products. This included a regular diet of garbanzo beans, black beans, protein shakes, and Metamucil. 

Unsettlingly, her products were a hit. She successfully sold untold numbers of fart jars for $1,000 a pop online, topping out at $50,000 a week, according to Gizmodo.  

However, the 31-year-old’s ambitions were cut short after she was sent to the hospital due to her outrageous, fart-creating diet. 

"I thought I was having a stroke and that these were my final moments," she told Jam Press. "I was overdoing it."

Her doctors informed her that her diet was causing very intense gas pains and advised her to change her diet for her health, which ended her gassy business for good. 

Since this is 2022 and we live in a hell of our own making, though, Matto has pivoted her business to selling 5,000 fart jar NFTs. Each image is going for .05 ether, or roughly $190 in the exchange rate at the time of reporting. 

This is definitely a strange, disgusting, and sordid way of making money — but is it really all that surprising? There’s always going to be a market for weird NFTs, at least as long as there are idiots to buy them

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