We spend much of our early lives surrounded by math, programming, logic, and other qualitative skills. But once we hit a certain age, that math takes on a certain tone, driven by spreadsheets and emails, instead of joy and creativity. What makes Brilliant, an online learning platform, so fascinating is that it brings the joy and creativity back to learning and honing your qualitative and analytical skills. Here's how Brilliant is bringing the joy back into math for adults:

How Brilliant Works

First and foremost, Brilliant applies the principles of active learning. You'll explore qualitative concepts by creating games and exploring them for yourself, rather than having someone dictate lessons to you. For example, in their Scientific Thinking course, you'll be introduced to the concepts by solving puzzles about how objects are reflected in a mirror. You learn the rules in a creative, hands-on manner, building upon things you already know. You'll participate in logic games to refresh your memory on the foundations of math, before moving on to new challenges. Just start where you're interested and keep going.

Have Fun, And Learn More About The Fun You're Having

People often view mathematics as "boring" and yet will spend hours arguing over the likelihood of who wins a football game. Aren't they actually discussing probability and mathematics all along?

Brilliant puts those real-world use cases front and center. Take the football example; as any fantasy player knows, you can turn abstract data into sweet, sweet points. Brilliant uses visual quizzes with applied probability to sharpen your game. Instead of having the numbers crunched for you, or guessing, you can use the principles to give your decision making a boost.

Understand What's Under The Hood

Another important aspect of life is understanding the technology that drives it. For example, algorithms are increasingly commonplace, driving your social media feeds, refining your search results, and, even making legal decisions. But how?

Brilliant makes it fun to 'get your hands dirty' with algorithms, search engines, and more, helping you to understand the tools you use daily and how they work. You'll drag and drop lines of code to see how an algorithm unfolds step by step. If you're intrigued by the math, you can go even deeper. There's always plenty more to learn, whether you want to better grasp how solar panels draw power from the sun, or how your computer's memory works.

Boost Your Career, While Relaxing

Another aspect of math and science is that they're increasingly fundamental to our careers and everyday lives. Microsoft estimates that 750 million people are using Excel worldwide at the moment to work through data and crunch numbers. And even if you're not considering a career in finance, if you have money in a 401k, you'll want to know how to make the best decisions for yourself and why.

Brilliant makes the core concepts easy to understand, whether you want to learn more about statistics, finance, or cryptocurrency, so you can cross-train your mind without it feeling like work. Especially if you're working in a new department or are looking to switch careers, you'll gain an edge before you even get started.

Whether you'd like to understand the news, collaborate more closely with your coworkers, or just want a new challenge while exploring math and science, Brilliant makes it easy. And, if you're one of the first 200 people to join, you'll even get 20% off. You don't have to be a math whiz to know that's a steal.

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