By now, we all know how critical meditation and mindfulness are in reducing stress, managing negative emotions, and keeping a cool head under constant stimuli. But meditation can be so, so much more than that. And now, you can explore how that is — and all the benefits others using other courses are missing — for less with a 58% discount on one year of Omvana.

More Than Stress Relief

Meditation and mindfulness are good for managing the day, especially if it's been a day. Yet as more research is done, increasingly we see evidence that it's good for much more.

The overall trend has been that a practice of mindfulness helps us to let go of our distractions and focus on the task at hand, whether it's rowing with perfect form or getting yourself into a place where you can get some sleep. Where Omvana comes in? They designed programs focused on each of these individual goals, and furthermore, built them for everyone.

Meditation For Everyone

The key to Omvana is that it's built for anyone who needs it, from those with an established meditation practice to those of us who just need to take a minute for ourselves, but don't know where (or how) to start. Omvana's got a vast, and constantly-expanding library of meditation tracks keyed to a number of different approaches — from fitness to mastery of performance.

First, it recruits a wide range of experts such as Marisa Peer, Bob Proctor, Vishen Lakhiani, Lisa Nichols,  and Michael Beckwith to design meditations around specific goals, and they're constantly growing their roster. This gives everyone a buffet of options to explore to tailor their practice to their needs and comfort level. You'll find inspirational speeches, talks focused on personal growth, guided meditations, and even poetry, all read by a diversity of speakers on a variety of topics.

Secondly, there's music for every mood, including classic sounds of nature and meditation music. You'll also find relaxation audio, which is designed to help you ease into a better state, and binaural beats, an audio illusion that plays tones of slightly different frequencies in each ear, creating an internal rhythm for you to follow, whether you need a lift or to chill.

Finally, Omvana has a unique mixer that lets you combine any vocal and musical tracks, so you can fit both mood and method to your goals. Perhaps you want to hear a motivational talk when you wake up, with an upbeat style, but wrap up the day with the same words and a soothing beat instead. The mixer makes it simple to keep your practice fresh, so you've always got something new to listen to.

Since Omvana is an app, available on Android and iOS, you can take your practice with you wherever you go. Especially if you're looking for a way to add mindfulness to your day, this 58% discount, pricing a one-year subscription at just $24.99, will make it easy for you to put a little peace in your pocket.

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