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Domino’s Drone is Delivering Pizza Pie From the Sky

This heavenly pizza just got more heavenly.

Ramon PerezAugust 28th 2016

Last Thursday, Domino’s Pizza demonstrated its pizza delivery service—drone-style—in Auckland, New Zealand. And we kid you not—the pizza was heaven-sent.

Domino’s Group CEO and Managing Director Don Meij said:

“We’ve always said that it doesn’t make sense to have a 2-tonne machine delivering a 2-kilogram order…drones allow us to extend [our] delivery area by removing barriers such as traffic and access [and] deliver further afield than we currently do to our rural customers while reaching our urban customers in a much more efficient time.”

With this in mind, Meij, sought out Flirtey‘s aerial logistics services for their delivery drones—the DRU: Domino’s Robotics Unit.

If you weren’t aware, the Reno, Nevada startup was actually behind 7-Eleven’s Flying Donuts last July 2016. So yeah, they’re awesome.

Following a delivery method designed to work alongside Domino’s current methods, the DRU DRONE would certainly live up to Domino’s ethos: bringing about convenience to their customers.

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