Some people are really into the whole Black Friday thing. They love getting up early the day after Thanksgiving and lining up outside some big box store for their chance to score some heavily discounted deals. If you are one of these people, more power to you! However, if you are, instead, the kind of person who’d rather spend the day after Thanksgiving lounging around in your pajamas instead of fighting bargain-hungry hordes, there are still plenty of amazing deals to be had on Cyber Monday 2019.

Futurism's Favorites: Cyber Monday 2019

“Cyber Monday,” of course, refers to the Monday after Thanksgiving, when consumers are supposed to get the best deals from online retailers. The term was coined in 2005 by Ellen Davis, president of the National Retail Federation, in an effort to kickstart online holiday shopping. And it worked. In 2017, Cyber Monday sales grew to a new all-time high of $6.6 billion, which was more than double what it was in 2015.

This upward trend in Cyber Monday sales is expected to continue this year. In fact, some experts say Cyber Monday 2019 will be the biggest online shopping day in U.S. history, with sales that could approach, or even surpass, $10 billion.

What does that mean for you? It means that for Cyber Monday 2019, you can get better deals on a wider variety of unique products and services than ever before. And to make things easy for you, here’s a list of some of the coolest deals we’ve found so far.

You’re welcome.

Ministry of Supply's Kinetic Pant - High Tech Fabric = Wrinkle Free

Have you ever wondered why they don’t make dress clothes out of the same high-tech, stretchable, and breathable materials they use for athletic clothes? Well, guess what? Now they do. Behold the revolutionary Kinetic Pant from Ministry of Supply. These pants are made from Japanese Primaflex®, a warp-knit polyester fabric that has the feel and structure of a woven, but bends and stretches like a knit. Their four-way-stretch gives you a flattering modern fit without sacrificing mobility. Available in four different colors and two different fits, the Kinetic Pant is moisture-wicking, water repellent, machine washable, and wrinkle-resistant—or in other words, just about perfect.

Cyber Monday Deal: get 20% off sitewide with coupon code BF2019.

Qualia Mind - Nootropic Supplement

This season, give yourself or someone you love the gift of enhanced cognitive performance with Qualia Mind from Neurohacker Collective. One of the world’s most advanced cognitive enhancement supplements, Qualia Mind is a blend of nootropics, neuro-vitamins, antioxidants, adaptogens, amino acids, and choline donors that have been scientifically proven to promote neuron and synapse development, neuroplasticity, neurogenesis, energy, healthy cell structure, and cerebral blood flow. What does that mean in regular everyday English? It means Qualia Mind helps you think more clearly, giving you more willpower, energy, creativity, and focus.

Cyber Monday Deal: get free shipping on all orders through December 3. New subscribers always get 50% off their first order, plus 14% off all subsequent orders.

Get an addtional 15% off with coupon code FUTURISM.

Boojum Life Roll-On CBD Set

These days, just about everybody takes CBD for something. And most people take it in the form of pills or tinctures. However, when it comes to relieving pain and inflammation in skin, muscles, and joints, recent research suggests CBD is way more effective when administered transdermally. That’s why Utah-based Boojum Life created an entire line of topical CBD body oils. Though each individual formula promotes a different wellness goal, they all contain a scientifically advanced full-spectrum hemp oil made of dozens of terpenes, terpenoids, and cannabinoids that interact and synergize, maximizing their effects.

Cyber Monday Deal: get 30% off sitewide with coupon code CM2019.

Bose Home Speaker 500 with Alexa

Looking for a smart speaker that has outstanding sound and is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant? Look no further than the Bose Home Speaker 500. It combines the crystal clear wall-to-wall sound you’ve come to expect from Bose speakers with the convenience of modern voice-command technology. Thanks to a specially designed eight-microphone array that can actually pick up your voice over loud music from across the room, you can simply tell Alexa or Google to play music via streaming services like Spotify and Google Play music. You can also stream music from your mobile device thanks to built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, and Airplay connectivity.

Cyber Monday Deal: get 25% off. No code required.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

Tired of sharing your smartphone or tablet with your kids? Maybe it’s time to get them their own device. The Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition has an 8” display, a ten-hour battery, 32GB of storage, a micro-SD slot, and a handy kid-proof case to protect it from the inevitable drops and bounces. Best of all, on Cyber Monday 2019, you can get it for less than a hundred bucks. That’s a small price to pay to keep your phone or tablet away from those sticky fingers, don’t you think?

Cyber Monday Deal: get 38% off. No code required.

Dashlane Premium Plus

Ask any cybersecurity expert and they’ll tell you that one of the best ways to protect your online security is by using strong, unique passwords for all of your online accounts (and to update them every couple of months). Unfortunately, actually doing this is really hard when you have 70-plus online accounts. That’s why you need Dashlane, a password management app that helps you create and remember strong passwords. The free version lets you create and store up to 50 passwords on a single device. However, the premium version lets you store unlimited passwords and sync them across all your devices. It also automatically updates your passwords and gives you a VPN for WiFi protection. So the question isn’t who needs this service, but rather who doesn’t?

Cyber Monday Deal: get 20% off a one-year subscription with coupon code CM2019

Elysium Basis

There is nothing we can do to stop aging. However, thanks to a revolutionary new supplement called Basis, we can age better. The not-so-secret ingredients in Basis are crystalline nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene, which the human body converts into a molecule called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+. This molecule plays a vital role in cellular metabolism and the cellular aging process. For whatever reason, NAD+ levels in humans and all other organisms decline with age. However, Basis boosts NAD+ levels by 40 percent to maximize cellular health, boost energy, and support healthy sleep, all of which should help mitigate the aging process.

Cyber Monday Deal: get $80 any annual subscription with coupon code CyberMonday.

Luna Levitating Moon

Everybody loves a good conversation piece. And if you happen to have any amateur astronomers on your holiday shopping list, they will get untold hours of conversation out of the Luna Levitating Moon. It’s an exact 3D replica of the moon printed from NASA satellite images. Best of all, it glows... levitates... and rotates a full 360 degrees. Whether kept on display like an enchanting sculpture or kept on a bedside table as a soothing lamp, the Luna Levitating Moon is a perfect, one-of-a-kind gift for just about anyone.

Cyber Monday Deal: get 13% off. No coupon code required.

Hiwonder Robot Kit

Looking for something really special for a kid (or adult) with an interest in engineering, programming, and robotics? Check out the Hiwonder H3S 16DOF Biped Humanoid Robot Kit. With sturdy metal parts and an Arduino-powered operating system, this robot is capable of precise agile motions. It can walk, dance, somersault, do push-ups, sit-ups, and so much more. And it’s all controlled through a free app on your Android or iOS device. Want to take things a step further? The kit also comes with free video tutorials that teach you how to create and program new functions.

Cyber Monday Deal: get $200 off. No code required.

Vessi Men’s Everyday Sneakers

Last but not least is the perfect gift for anybody who, uh... wears shoes. Which, if our math is correct, is pretty much everybody. The Vessi Men’s Everyday sneaker looks like an ordinary fashion-forward sneaker. It has a stylish knit upper and a cushy flexible sole that provides all-day comfort. As such, it’s pretty much a perfect all-purpose shoe that can take you from the workplace to the bar, to the gym, to the great outdoors. However, what really sets the Vessi Everyday apart from other shoes, and what you’d never guess by looking at it, is that it's completely, 100-percent waterproof thanks to a patented high-tech material called Dyma-tex. That means you can say goodbye to soggy feet forever.

Cyber Monday Deal: buy 1 and get $20 off plus a $20 gift card. No code required.

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