If you've ever used a plug-in to browse a database, you've probably used SQL. Short for Structured Query Language, SQL has changed how we access data, sped up how quickly we can make use of it, and laid the groundwork for managing vast data sets and drawing patterns from their depths. If you work with databases in any way, a knowledge of SQL will be increasingly important, and The Complete 2021 SQL Master Class Bundle can show you the ins and outs of how it works. Valued at $1,393, it's on sale now for just $19.99.

The courses are taught by the team at Skill Success. Founded by Michael Shen in 2012, Skill Success was designed to meet the need for professional education among IT and computer science professionals while creating more access for people outside those industries to launch their careers. They've earned an average instructor rating of 4/5 stars, and have built and designed master courses like this one for all skill ranges — from those totally new to SQL, to those who want to brush up on the state of the art.

Spread across seven courses and nearly 24 hours of instruction, the class begins with a course for beginners to learn about query languages, databases, and database objects. That's followed up with an hour-long course focused specifically on the basics of writing queries, with an in-depth 90-minute follow-up discussing more complex queries, before moving into the basics of setting up servers and databases using SQL.

Building on that knowledge, you'll learn about data analysis and SQL, MySQL database development, and LocalSQLite Databases and Node, touching on NodeJS and similar tools.

As we generate more data, and as more and more useful information is drawn from that data, knowing how to manage databases and productively use them will be a skill we all need. Normally this master class is $1393, but right now you can get The Complete 2021 SQL Master Class Bundle for $19.99.

Prices subject to change.

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