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China’s Futuristic Balloon Will Send Tourists To The Edge of Space

There's a new way to see the world.

You don’t have to stay Earthbound anymore!

In just a few years, KuangChi Science, a Shenzhen-based future science company, will enable ordinary civilians to experience what life will be like in the future, thanks to (near) outer space flights. This all comes as a result of its pressurized passenger capsule called the “Traveler,” which will shoot civilians up balloon-style to a staggering 24 km (15 mi). That’s right to the edge of the stratosphere.

Yes, the Force is strong with this one.

space tourism

Reported to have invested about $1.5 billion into the development of the theme park in China, where the Traveler will be located, the Chinese company may be able to provide us ordinary people with a cheaper way to travel (close) to space.

Though 24km above the ground might seem a bit far from being the ‘space’ you’ve hoped for, hanging out around the stratosphere for a few hours still sounds pretty cool.  According to KuangChi, we should expect the Valley to open by the end of next year; however, there’s still no exact ETA on when it actually opens.


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