Mankind's insatiable hunger for knowledge has sparked another mission to find out whether Mars was ever occupied by living organisms.

Concept portrayal of China's Mars probe. China Daily.

Stepping back onto the space exploration scene, China is giving us a computer-generated glimpse of the design for its space probe and rover, which will be used in its first ever Mars mission in 2020. The goal: find ice and water on the Red Planet.

According to Reuters, the mission will initially go into orbit around Mars before deploying a lander that will touch down in the low latitudes of Mars' northern hemisphere, where the rover will explore the surface.

Concept portrayal of China's Mars rover and lander. China Daily.

Carrying a number of instruments ranging from cameras to a ground-penetrating radar, the lander’s six-wheeled rover will be the one to roam the Red Planet.

Although China would be the fifth country to orbit Mars, President Xi Jinping's unyielding resolve to become a global space giant emerged in the undertaking of this endeavor.

"Becoming an aerospace power has always been a dream we've been striving for," he said.

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