Using cardboard, Fiction Factory has managed to create a prototype of a modular home that can be assembled in a day.

Dubbed Wikkelhouse, which directly translates from Dutch to Wrap House, is made up of a series of interlocking cardboard pieces that each weigh 500 kilograms, with tubular components that can be used to extend or shorten the length of the building.

To protect the material, the cardboard is waterproofed using breathable film and finished with wooden cladding boards. Sections include a kitchen, shower and bathroom, with additional options for other finishes such as glazed or opaque facades.

"Wikkelhouse is what you get when an everyday material finds a groundbreaking purpose," said Fiction Factory, the group behind the project.

Image Credit: Wikkelhouse

Because the structure does not need a foundation, it can easily be built on any chosen site in just a day.

But that’s not even the most remarkable part about this housing innovation. Despite being made from cardboard, which we all know to be a particularly flimsy material, the team behind says it is designed to last for at least 50 years.


The structure is also made purely from recyclable materials that might be three times more durable than typical construction materials used—perfectly fitting the the criteria for temporary or permanent housing.

The Wikkelhouse therefore can not only prove to be a more cost-efficient and sustainable option for future homeowners, but can be a practical and effective option for disaster relief.

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