A London designer has unveiled renderings of a futuristic hotel concept—a luxurious floating structure made up of capsules of hotel guest rooms, restaurants, and other typical amenities. Meet the "floatel"

Dubbed the MORPHotel and designed by 32 year old Gianluca Santosuosso, the vessel follows a spine-like structure. As a self-sustaining ecosystem, it also includes features such as theaters, gardens,  the aforementioned restaurants, and even swimming pools.

For accessibility, the structure houses a helipad and each end of the half-mile spine has a boat that can detach from the entire structure and take guests for a ride around the area. Essentially, with the flexibility of the “floatel” can even make it an alternative to cruise ships, allowing guests to easily explore new, exotic places.

In terms of power and energy, the MORPHotel will have integrated solar panels, floating vegetable gardens, and rainwater harvesting facilities that allow the entire vessel to function at sea. But once it docks at ports, locals can also go aboard and explore the amenities on board.


“When I started to think about the project, I first wondered to myself what the most luxurious thing we have is. The answer was time. From this came the idea, and then concept, of this never ending travel across the world without a precise destination, without hurry,” Santosuosso told the Daily Mail.

Currently, the MORPHotel is still at the concept stage, but in theory could allow vacation-seekers and guests to travel the world on the vessel. ”I believe the idea of the journey itself, without a precise destination, is a dream shared among most people.”

The project has since piqued the curiosity of the public, particularly the hospitality industry as the architect behind the floating hotel has already met with possible developers seeking to find ways to bring the concept to fruition.


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