Future of Modular Robotics

When building a robot, many engineers or scientists think of assembling countless different components that have to be put together in specific configurations. That may all change with CellRobot, a new Kickstarter campaign consisting of robotic cells that can be assembled into a broad range of modular robots. Each spherical robotic cell has a 360-degree angle sensor, servo motor, and microcontroller. It also has a round snap joint system to connect to other cells.


All CellRobots have a “heart” that functions as a power supply and communication hub. It has a charge port, a speaker, a power indicator, a screen, and the round snap-twist connectors. CellRobots also has accessory parts such as wheels, spotlights, and a camera. They can be controlled with an app via Bluetooth using the user’s smartphone. The app can show how to build or control a robot using “guide mode”, or allow the freedom to create custom designs using “custom mode.” All the designs can be shared with other users as they add their own creations to the community collection. Right now the KEYi team is still seeking more funding to cover the cost of larger-scale manufacturing and further app development.

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