• Science for the Masses, a group of biohackers based a couple hours north of Los Angeles in Tehachapi, California,theorized they could enhance healthy eyesight enough that it would induce night vision. To do this, the group used a kind of chlorophyll analog called Chlorin e6 (or Ce6), which is found in some deep-sea fish and is used as an occasional method to treat night blindness.
  • At 50 meters, the subject could figure out where they were, even if they were standing up against a tree. Each time, the subject had a 100% success rate. The control group, without being dosed with Ce6, only got them right a third of the time.
  • Biohacks like these are a perfect example of where science and biology can go, and something like providing temporary night vision could be used in many valuable instances. Imagine search-and-rescue teams being able to see in the dark in forested areas or hostage situations.

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