Bicycle helmets are not only an extremely practical accessory to wear while riding a bike, motorcycle, or scooter, they're required by law in some places. Preventable fatal bike accidents have increased by 44 percent since 2010 to a staggering 1,260 in 2020, according to the National Safety Council. A helmet can help reduce your odds of becoming a statistic. 

The good thing is that helmets have gotten a lot better than the ones most of us wore in decades past. They're sleeker and more comfortable, so wearing them feels less like an obligation or chore. If you've taken up biking or riding a scooter as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, or have been an advocate for bipedal transport for years, these bike helmets will help get you where you want to go safely and in style.

KASK Yellow Mojito Cycling Helmet


Key Selling Point: This helmet's yellow color makes it easy for drivers, pedestrians, and other riders to see. 

Visibility is this helmet's best feature, but we also like its sleek look, and the cutouts spaced throughout the top. These cutouts act as a ventilation system, which will keep your head from getting too sweaty and help prevent overheating.

You'll inevitably sweat during long rides, so it's great that you can detach this helmet's chin strap and wash it regularly. We're all familiar with the icky feeling of putting on a helmet and experiencing a slightly damp feeling on the sides and bottom of your face.

Ssense offers this exact same helmet in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can easily find one that matches your style. All of its helmets are available in small, medium, and large sizes, with specific head measurements on its site to help you find the one that'll fit you best.

Schwinn Sequel ERT Adult Helmet


Key Selling Point: This helmet is designed with custom foam padding that can more evenly distribute energy in case of impact. 

Schwinn has one of the best reputations in the biking world, and this helmet is a good example of why that's well-warranted. The large-sized helmet has 12 vent holes on top to help keep your head cool, and an adjustable dial to help you adjust the chin strap quickly and easily. When you're done riding, the inner protective layer of Schwinn's helmet can be washed, which keeps it sanitary if you ride frequently.

The company says this helmet's waffle-shaped pads are flexible, so they'll absorb shock waves from an impact and diffuse them in different directions. This means the helmet provides cranial protection. This is certainly the most technically advanced bicycle helmet we've been able to find, and a great choice for city commuters and off-road riders alike.

Cyclic Hybrid Bike Helmet


Key Selling Point: LED safety lights to alert other people to your presence and current direction.

If you ride your bike at night, getting a helmet with some sort of lighting system is essential. The back of Cyclic's Hybrid Bike Helmet has a five LED lights on the back, so drivers will be able to see you clearly. For added safety, we recommend wearing reflective clothing, or riding a bike with a light on the front.

Lights are this bicycle helmet's standout feature, but it also incorporates the comfort and safety features found in our other recommendations. Cutouts on top of the helmet act as vents to keep your head from overheating, and its chin strap is made from moisture-wicking material that will prevent sweat from building up. Cyclic outfits its helmet with a visor to keep the sun from hitting your eyes, but it's removable, so you won't need to keep it on during nighttime rides.

If you bike a lot after the sun goes down, Cyclic's Bicycle Helmet can protect you in more ways than one.

Bell Voyager Adult Bike Helmet



Key Selling Point: This bike helmet's sleek look sets it apart from the rest. 

Some people may not want to wear a bicycle helmet because it doesn't look cool — especially if you've got a tricked-out ride, but this one from Bell might change your mind. Its sleek, curved design immediately catches the eye, especially if you opt for the red colorway. Naturally, the helmet's safety features match its aesthetics. 

This bicycle helmet is made up of a hard outer shell (for protection) and a foam liner (for comfort), which are fused together. This prevents the inner lining from moving around as you ride on rough terrain, or look around. This is a big deal if you're planning to go off-roading and don't want to choose between strapping your helmet on too tightly, or dealing with it shifting around.

Krash! Sprinkles Youth Bike Helmet


Key Selling Point: This helmet's fun look can help encourage younger riders to stay safe when they're out of your sightline. 

If your kid is resistant to wearing a helmet while riding a bike, this one from Crash might change their mind. Young riders will enjoy its fun, multi-color design, and you'll appreciate its safety features. This helmet is designed for children, but it has all the same features as our recommendations for adults. 

This helmet has air vents on the top, adjustable straps, and a two-layer design that protects a child's head while still feeling comfortable. Krash says this helmet is appropriate for children aged eight to 14, but recommends taking a head measurement before deciding whether it's the right size for them. Your kid may not want to wear a helmet, but the cool print on this one will hopefully make them a little more into the idea.

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