When it comes to technology, it's Android's world. The mobile operating system is used by almost 75% of the smartphone market, and drives gadgets from cars to cameras. The 2021 Android Development eBook & Video Course Bundle, currently $29.99 (or 96% off) will show you, step-by-step, how you — yeah, you, a programming beginning — can become an in-demand app developer for the most popular OS.

The Basics

To begin with, Android Programming for Beginners, 2nd Edition is a detailed eBook that starts with basic principles and shows you how to work with Java and develop in the Android environment. If you're interested in games, or want to dig deeper into Java, Learning Java by Building Android Games will get you started on both game development and Android coding. Once you've got a firm grasp of the basics, you can build on those skills:

  • Android Programming with Kotlin for Beginners will introduce you to Google's preferred programming language for Android. Kotlin is particularly useful to learn if you want to create iOS versions of your app, as it's useful for cross-platform development, adding another job skill to your arsenal.
  • Firebase & Android Pie will show you how to make use of Firebase, Google's app development platform, and how it interacts with the latest version of Android. The course shows you Firebase's tools using code-along projects that teach you UI development, cloud synchronization, notifications, and all the other handy skills you'll need to work as an app developer.
  • If you're already comfortable with Java, or want to cross-train with the two, Learn Spring for Android Application Development will show you how to use Spring, a framework for working with Java, to transition into Kotlin, while keeping your Java skills sharp.

Day-To-Day Development

App development doesn't end with launch. Once an app goes live, you'll need to know what a developer does day to day to keep apps running, and relevant to their users. These videos and books will show you how.

  • Troubleshooting Android Performance will show you how to optimize and refine your code as you develop, from tracking memory leaks and battery problems to overhauling the UX and keeping your app in top condition.
  • Hands-On Android Application Components: Activities will go in-depth into the Activity class in Android, which serves core functions on an app and helps you build faster, smarter, more efficient tools for your users.
  • Modernizing Your Android Applications explores how to update applications over time. Google is constantly refining the Android platform to offer new efficiencies, tools, and approaches for apps to take advantage of, making modernizing an ongoing process.

Moving Forward

Once you've launched your first app, the world of development is wide open. The bundle closes with a few different options to consider depending on what drives you.

  • The Android 9 Development Cookbook will show you how to develop your next app, with all sorts of approaches, ideas, and solutions to common problems.
  • Unity Android Game Development: Build 7 2D & 3D Games looks into game development. As you build seven different games in Android, you'll see how games are designed and published, while developing a better sense of Android as a platform.
  • Finally, the Android Things Quick Start Guide will show you how Android is expanding beyond just phones, into all sorts of smart devices, and how you can leverage its power to make unique and fascinating apps.

Android's becoming more and more ingrained in our daily lives, and even if you're looking to do more than build apps, knowing how it works and how to build for it will boost your career and help you establish a future in coding. And at 96% off, this bundle will give you all the tools you need to become a master app developer.

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