• AGI Innovations Inc, also known as AGi3, was formed early in 2014 to continue research originally spearheaded by Adaptive A.I. Inc (a2i2), an AGI R and D company formed in 2001. On completing its first generation AGI engine in 2008, a2i2 launched.
  • Peter Voss, founder of these companies, explains that while commercialization helped to validate the AGI approach taken by the company, it also totally shifted focus away from general AI to providing specific solutions to its customers. "Our AGI research was essentially halted.
  • AGi3 is currently engaged in a 30-months cognitive architecture project to consolidate and extend its various prior research results into a next-generation AGI engine prototype. This development aims to advance state-of-the-art deep natural language understanding (NLU) integrated with perceptual grounding, and exploration of meta-cognitive processes.

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