Futuristic Features

Swiss creative think tank Rinspeed is set to reveal a drone-docking autonomous car at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2016. Each year, Rinspeed unveils an all-new, forward-looking concept car at the annual Geneva Motor Show. It has previously showcased a robotic autonomous concept called Budii, a six-wheeled range-extending electric minicar, a go-anywhere amphibious hybrid and a shape-shifting electric vehicle. Next year at the CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, it will be the first time that Rinspeed will use a venue outside of its home country. The big reveal for 2016, named "Etos," continues the evolution of Rinspeed's autonomous design experimentation. Similar to its autonomous predecessors, the Etos features an adaptable autonomous interior with moving steering wheel. However this time the steering wheel doesn't just move out of the driver-passenger's way, it actually folds up and retracts into the dashboard. Also part of auto mode, curved widescreens on both driver and passenger side close together to create the centerpiece of a connected entertainment system. Digital multimedia company Harman was tapped by Rinspeed on the design of this system.

Drone Landing Pad

Though the interior design appears to be a modest upgrade from Rinspeed's past concepts, the most interesting feature of the Etos is in its exterior. It has its own drone that docks on an integrated landing pad. Rather than a component of the autonomous hardware suite, the drone will serve as a high-tech personal assistant. While the Etos is handling the task of driving, its drone can be handling other tasks for you such as picking up and delivering something or running errands. The drones cameras can also film and livestream your drive from different angles and vantage points.

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