• Until now we have known 3 states of matter: Solid, Liquid and Gas. To add to it some of them may be aware of Plasma state as well, however it seems there exists a whole lot of other states which do not exist in nature however would occur under extreme laboratory conditions.
  • An International team of scientists who were conducting a study on some unconventional superconductors have discovered an entirely new state of matter that is named Jahn-Teller Metal. The new state of matter has been found in a material that seems to be an insulator, a superconductor, a metal and with magnetic properties all in one.
  • This discovery is of utmost importance as the novel transition phase between insulator and conductor opens up an array of possibilities to transform the insulating materials into super conducting materials and the new Jahn-Tellar metal with its buckyball crystalline structure seems to be able to this task at relatively high Tc.

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