Charging Up

A new dynamic charging technology could give unlimited range to electric vehicles (EVs).

The term "dynamic charging" refers to a technology that can both supply power and perform charging while driving. The system was created by Honda, who claims that they have already developed a system ready for testing which they plan to demonstrate at WCX 17 SAE World Congress Experience next month.


Their dynamic charging system apparently has a charging power of 180 kW (DC 600 V, 330 A) while driving at a speed of 155 km/h (96 mph).

The concept is great in theory, but the biggest barrier here is cost. It won't be cheap to build the infrastructure required for such a system. Dynamic charging requires charging hardware to be built into or over the road —essentially creating a track that will wirelessly charge EVs that drive over it. Nevertheless, this kind of technology could be applied to highways to increase on-road time of EVs and allow them to cover longer distances.

While dynamic charging isn’t an essential part of the EV revolution now, it could be a critical element for adoption down the line. So expect to see more trials and studies aiming to refine the technology for future use.

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