The moment has finally arrived. Preorders for the Oculus Rift have opened, and with that we have new information. Notably, the Rift will be shipping at some point in March. And it will come for an announced $599.

Oculus stated that they would have their preorders just a few days ago. Since that time, we have been waiting for more details. At least, those of us who didn't back the Kickstarter have been waiting for said details. If you did happen to back the Rift on Kickstarter, then you are all set. In such cases, Oculus is giving you a consumer edition for free. For the rest of us, you can now order the Rift long as you live in the US or 19 other countries.

Notably, the Rift will comes in a carrying case alongside a copy of third-person platformer Lucky's Tale. For preorders, the space dogfighting game EVE: Valkyrie. Valkyrie was developed by CCP, the creators of the popular EVE: Online space MMO videogame. “We want to be the Halo or Mario for the PlayStation VR and Oculus,” said Valkyrie executive producer Owen O’Brien in an interview with Engadget.

The consumer model for the Rift is based on the Crescent Bay prototype and builds upon its “presence, immersion, and comfort.” It also features an improved tracking system that accommodates seated and standing experiences, according to Oculus. Moreover, there is an updated ergonomics and a tweaked industrial design.

The company will share more details of its hardware, software, input and likely some additional unannounced specialty games or further information in the coming weeks.

Founder Palmer Luckey also previously confirmed that the Crescent Bay prototype headset uses two screens instead of one, which the company attributes to the Rift’s visual quality.

Go ahead and get yours here.

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