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Enter Another Universe: Avatar and Star Wars Parks Are Coming

Sci-fi worlds are coming to life.

Pandora—The World of Avatar

This year on May 27th, you will be able to step into Pandora, Avatar’s fictional alien world, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.

Disney first announced plans to create a park based off of the James Cameron sci-fi epic back 2011. The expansion is meant to fully extend an afternoon at the Animal Kingdom park into a full-day experience.


Image Credit: Disney

“The World of Avatar” will feature a family-friendly river journey that will take Na’vi fans through the famed bioluminescent rainforest featured in the film and a motion flight simulator ride which will recreate the experience of flying on a Mountain Banshee. Visitors will also be able to enjoy more leisurely pursuits at Satu’li Canteen where they could enjoy a drink at Pongu Pongu, or shop for souvenir Na’vi items at Windtraders.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Meanwhile, construction is already underway for a  galaxy far, far away, with Disney aiming for a 2019 opening for two Star Wars-themed parks.


Image Credit: Disney

The parks, which will be built in the Disneyland (California) and Disneyworld (Florida) locations, will each span 14 acres, making it the largest, single-themed expansion for both sites. Once open, it will transport visitors to a remote trading port on a fictional planet with droids, aliens, and humanoids.

The iconic Millennium Falcon is expected to be prominently featured, and park guests will be able to step aboard and control Han Solo’s ship.

With Star Wars: Episode IX expected to hit theaters in 2019, the timing of the park openings couldn’t be more perfect. Both Star Wars lands should open within the same year.


Image Credit: Disney


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