Watch: Here’s How To Dip a Snowball in Molten Steel and Keep it Frozen

Molten steel is around around 1510°C (2750°F). So how can a snowball survive in this environment?

24 mins ago

Thanks to X-Ray Lasers, We Can Glimpse the Structure of Biomolecules

A new X-Ray technique could fundamentally change the way scientists study the structure of biomolecules.

35 mins ago

Watch This Tiny Autonomous Drone Zoom Through a Cluttered Warehouse at 45 mph

DARPA's latest flying tech can fly 45 mph (20 meters-per-second) while carrying a full load of sensors and cameras.

47 mins ago

These Rescue Drones Will Navigate Forest Trails to Find Hurt or Missing People

Researchers develop AI algorithm that could teach drones how to recognize and follow forest trails for search and rescue missions in the wilderness.

2 hours ago

This Virtual Reality App Can Help You Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

VR app developers have found an innovative use for the technology - a way to simulate public speaking scenarios and help users conquer their fear of it.

2 hours ago

New Digital Mirrors May Render Side Mirrors Obsolete (Finally!)

Side mirrors may soon be replaced with cameras in order to make cars more aerodynamic.

2 hours ago

The Future of Food Security is in the Hands of Technology

Could open-source, internet assisted farming be the key to a green revolution?

2 hours ago

The Physics of Black Holes Must Wait, Satellite Delayed

This X-Ray satellite will be checking out a wide range of cosmic phenomenon that are well beyond what we can see.

13 hours ago

When will self-driving cars outnumber normal cars on the road?

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