Interview: Roman Yampolskiy Discusses AI, Killer Robots, and the Age of the Machine

What dangers does AI pose, and which company is most likely to create a superintelligent AI? How will they replace humans, and how will we adapt? Roman Yampolskiy delves into these questions.

59 mins ago

Tech Company Seeks to Resurrect Humans Using Artificial Intelligence

LA-based tech company, Humai, is exploring how artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and cryonics can defeat death.

15 hours ago

Advanced Anti-Aging Clinics Are Redefining the Definition Of “Growing Old”

Cutting edge cellular treatments may be the key to eternal youth—at least for those who can afford it.

November 24, 2015

The Holy Grail of Astronomy: Scientists Find Galaxy With Massive Amounts of Dark Matter

Scientists find that the Triangulum II galaxy appears to have more dark matter than is expected. Measurements of the velocities of six stars suggest the highest concentration of dark matter of any known galaxy.

17 hours ago

Infographic of the Week

The journey from ‘science fiction’ to ‘science fact’ has been a long one, but it seems that robotic exoskeletons have finally arrived.

Fungal Infection Helps Reduce Impact of Climate Change on Plants, Now Comes in a Spray

Scientists discover a nature-made technology that could help protect crops from the brunt of climate change. A fungal infection has been shown to protect plants from changes in environment, and a spray developed to give plants these specific properties.

November 24, 2015

How the Next Generation Will Travel: Flying Cars, The Hyperloop, and More

Regardless of whether it's for work or leisure, technology is quickly changing the way that we get from A to B. These futuristic vehicles reveal why it's an awesome time to be a traveler.

November 24, 2015
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