New Patch Uses Gene and Light-Based Therapy to Kill Tumors

This new "cancer patch" helps kill cancer and keep it from coming back.

5 hours ago

Evidence for Planet Nine: It May Have Knocked Our Solar System Out of Place

Complex simulations follow the hypothetical trail of Planet Nine.

5 hours ago

What’s The Distinction Between ‘Human’ and ‘Artificial’ Intelligence

How do we determine what is really human?

8 hours ago

CLASSON Is The World’s Most Intelligent Bike Helmet

The CLASSON helmet senses gestures and movements in its surroundings.

9 hours ago

Snowden Just Created An Anti-Radio Snitching Device For Your iPhone

Edward Snowden's new iPhone case will warn you of surveillance.

10 hours ago

An End to Moore’s Law? Shrinking Transistors Will No Longer Be Viable by 2021

According to experts, in just 5 years, Moore's Law is going to reach its crunch point.

10 hours ago

This Hand Can Specialize Its Grip For Any Object By Using AI

The Shadow Dexterous Hand has 24 joints that flex its palms and fingers.

11 hours ago

When we will have a cure for all forms of cancer?

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