Antibody Injections Could Neutralize HIV in Humans

An injectable antibody given once every three months could effectively protect individuals from HIV infection.

4 hours ago

Scientists Have Invented a Mind-Reading Machine That Visualises Your Thoughts

"We can take someone’s memory... and pull it out from their brain."

4 hours ago

A Glimpse of Our Future in Space

The final frontier has never been closer.

5 hours ago

Hyper Zombie-Like Gene Activity Found in the Dead

Not a cause for alarm: no threat of a zombie apocalypse here.

9 hours ago

Art + Technology: A New Way To Educate

Technology can take art (and education itself) to a whole new level.

9 hours ago

This Window Transforms Into A Balcony In Seconds

The Bloomframe could be the future of interior design.

9 hours ago

NASA Finds Venus-sized Planet Very Close to Home

The "baby" planet is prompting astronomers to rethink previous assumptions.

9 hours ago

Compound Discovered That Kills 98% of Drug-Resistant Superbug

Ah, nature and its endless gifts.

9 hours ago
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