Forget the Breathalyzer: Scientists Develop Temporary Tattoo Measuring Alcohol Intake

Your skin has never been more informative.

5 hours ago

Upcoming ‘Smart Weapon’ Will Only Fire If You Have The Right Fingerprint

This gun has its own fingerprint sensor, so it can only be fired by a user with a matching print.

11 hours ago

Somabar: The Robot Keurig For Your Cocktails

Somabar comes with six airtight Soma Pods for storing cocktail ingredients.

12 hours ago

Chemists Are Trying To Transform Pollution Into Products We Can Use

There may be a new way to save the environment—by turning our pollution into valuable products.

13 hours ago

Next Week, We May Finally Learn if The LHC Discovered “New Particles Beyond the Standard Model”

The LHC may have opened a new door to the physics of our universe.

13 hours ago

The U.S. Presidential Candidate Who Loves Science, Technology, And…Immortality ?

He thinks we can overcome poverty, aging, and even death...and all in the coming generation.

14 hours ago

This Device Will Make Doing Laundry A Lot Easier

Peggy utilizes a humidity detector, thermometer, and UV sensor.

15 hours ago

Scientists Just Found A New Antibiotic. It’s in Your Nose, And It Can Treat Drug-Resistant Bacteria

This new find is definitely nothing to sneeze at.

15 hours ago

Report: Computers Will Use More Electricity Than We Can Generate By 2040

In 20 years time, we won't have enough electricity to meet our computing needs.

16 hours ago

When will we have a cure for all forms of cancer?

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