• Ever wanted to see from the perspective of a race car driver, or experience a concert from the best seat in the house? You can do those exact things in YouTube's example videos below. As long as you're using a Chrome browser, you can tap and drag to look around. Or, with the YouTube app on an Android device, you can pan by simply moving your phone.
  • Imagine capturing a perfect sunset—or the birth of your child—then inviting someone to experience it in virtual reality. That's coming, too. YouTube product manager Sanjeev Verma tells Gizmodo that Google Cardboard and stereoscopic 3D support are definitely on the roadmap. Livestreaming, as well.
  • Eventually, the hope is that YouTube will unite the growing number of 360-degree camera makers under its one roof, get them all to embrace the same format, so that all you need to do is figure out where to put the camera to capture incredible moments and share them with the world.

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