Pain Relief

Scientists from the University of Warwick, in partnership with Medherant, are currently working to patent the world’s first ibuprofen patch. The patch is designed to deliver the drug consistently to the affected area, straight through the individual's skin.

The researchers have incorporated up to 30% of the drug into the polymer matrix that attaches to the skin and delivers steady doses of ibuprofen for over up to 12 hours.

Despite the existence of medicinal patches and gels, this is the first one invented that allows the delivery of medicine to be controlled and provides easier application. The company claims that it is also designed for better adhesion versus existing products that are on the market.

The British researchers announced a growth of a device, that they report as "a pure glue patch that can consistently broach a enlarged high sip of a painkiller ibuprofen directly by a skin," last week.

Bandaid Solution

“Our technology now means that we can, for the first time, produce patches that contain effective doses of active ingredients such as ibuprofen for which no patches currently exist. Also, we can improve the drug loading and stickiness of patches containing other active ingredients to improve patient comfort and outcome,” University of Warwick research chemist Professor David Haddleton said in a release.

The discovery opens up opportunity for the development of long-acting and easily accessible, over the counter pain relief products that can address concerns such as chronic back pain, arthritis, neuralgia; while avoiding having to take potentially harmful doses orally.

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