Timelapse cinematography can be extremely powerful. It reveals the malleable timelessness of the natural world, the complex beauty of the cosmos, and it forces us into new and ever-widening perspectives. Consequently, we have covered a number of stunning videos at From Quarks to Quasars. In the end, nothing compliments a firm understanding of the universe like a deep-seated awe and appreciation of it.

But this particular video, captured by Greenpeace videorapher Mitch Wenkus, is definitely the most unique video that we've ever covered.

Here, the stunning beauty of the Rockies is (somewhat ungraciously) interrupted by an inquisitive little marmot. A marmot who, after obsessively licking the camera, topples the whole thing over. The first few moments of the video shows 25 minutes of clouds moving graciously across the sky, all sped up to cover a span of just 2 seconds. Then the video is brought back to normal speed as the marmot makes his glorious entrance. This is something you won't want to miss.

WATCH: When Timelapse Meets Marmot

[iframe id="http:///www.youtube.com/embed/3O05nyS6hwQ"]

Wenjus offers more details about the technical aspects of the video:

As far as technical aspects, was pretty easy as far as timelapses go. I set up the GoPro Hero 3+ on 2K video resolution filming at 24 frames per second. (You can use any video setting on the GoPro to achieve this effect, I chose 2K because it allows room to crop without loosing quality). Then I imported the footage into Final Cut Pro X. I sped up the 25 minutes of clouds moving down to 2 seconds. Then when the marmot came in, I just let the video play at normal speed.

I cut the video shortly after the marmot knocked over the camera. I figured no one would be interested in watching an hour of the same rock 😉

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