• Part of the frustration, according to project contributor and former Googler Mike Hearn, is that Bitcoin's consensus-driven governance means that proposed changes like the block size are generally blocked. Bitcoin XT will not be run on consensus but will instead reflect the decisions of its maintainer.
  • So far, the two Bitcoin projects are compatible, but there might be a time in the future when they're not. When you mine with Bitcoin XT the blocks you mine will have a new version number which signals that it supports larger blocks. When 75 percent of bitcoin blocks are XT-compatible, old "core" Bitcoin nodes will reject the new blocks.
  • The controversy may have led Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin's anonymous creator, to break his years-long silence. In a message board posting, a Nakamoto-connected account wrote, "if two developers can fork Bitcoin and succeed in redefining what 'Bitcoin' is, in the face of widespread technical criticism and through the use of populist tactics, then I will have no choice but to declare Bitcoin a failed project," calling Bitcoin XT a "pretender-Bitcoin."

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