Over the course of Earth's evolutionary timeline, millions, perhaps billions, of creatures have died off. Each and every single species that remains alive and kickin' today descended from ones that lived, and ultimately died, long ago.

The cycle certainly isn't a new one, but the rate at which species are becoming extinct these days (The World Wildlife Foundation's latest 'Living Planet' report has shockingly suggested that a little over half, or about 52 percent, of Earth's wildlife has died off in the last 40 years alone) has become a cause of concern for scientists, who suggest we might be in the midst of the sixth extinction event.

As 'Its Okay to Be Smart' explains,

WATCH: The Sixth Extinction

Indeed, we should analyze our actions and take a proactive role in making the future a better one, not merely ripping pages out of a wall calendar and waiting until the future materialized on its own.

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