Our world is full of beautiful sights, but of course, so is the sky. And there are few things that are more breathtaking than witnessing the International Space Station (ISS) transit the Moon. It reminds one of the vastness of space and the immensity of what we are capable of achieving if, for a moment, we can set aside our differences and work together. This is what the ISS represents to me. It is more than just a place to complete science experiments, and it is far more than a place from which one just gets pretty pictures—It is a reminder of what we can accomplish

If you've never seen it before, amature astronomer Gadi Eidelheit recently captured a video of the ISS as is silently flies in front of the Moon. Watch closely about 9 seconds in, and you will see a small white dot streak across the sky. That's it. That's the ISS, along with all the humans and other organisms that it is currently carrying. It happens quick, but  Eidelheit zoomed in and slowed things down so you can get a better view later in the film.

The video was taken from Ganot, Israel. When discussing this event Eidelheit told Universe Today,

“This was just about 10km from my house. I used a Canon 700d with Sigma 18-250 for the first clip and Canon sx50HS for the second clip (maximum zoom which equivalent to 1200mm). To find the best place, I used Heavens-Above and a little trial and error,  just chose different locations near my home until I found the correct spot.”

Gadi is an amateur astronomer and blogger who frequently post on social media. Follow him at the following: social media or on his blog.

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