• With the student team issuing commands to Atlas remotely, the robot successfully completed a series of tasks that could be encountered in a real-life rescue situation: opening a door and walking through it into the next room and turning and approaching a wheel attached to a plywood frame; from there, as if opening a valve, Atlas turned the wheel with its three-fingered hand.
  • The contest was prompted by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan that crippled the Daiichi nuclear power plant. Following the destruction, companies such as Bedford-based iRobot Corp. sent robotic repairmen to places inside the plant that were deemed too radioactive for human workers.
  • Atlas walked up to a power drill, picked it up, and turned it on, then cut a hole in a sheet of plywood. As a surprise task — something the team had not done before — the robot walked up to a broken phone, picked up the handset, and held it to its ear.

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