Did you ever want to look like someone (or something) else? Well, now you can. At least, you can for a time. 3D face mapping projects a realistic image of any number of organisms or objects onto your skin.

What's more, game developers have started to utilize this technology in video games. So your avatar will (if you so desire) look just like you. Specifically, in one instance, the developers of an interactive basketball game, NBA 2K15, added the option for gamers to digitally graft lifelike 3D renditions of their faces onto virtual players. Derrick J. Lang explains how the technology functions:

"The process uses the cameras for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game consoles to amass several angles of gamers' faces. It then renders photorealistic 3D models on screen that can be tweaked and placed onto the bodies of virtual players in the game's career and online modes. The face mapping marks the latest effort by a game creator to add virtual representations of players in a game."

And as you can see in the video below, the technology works amazingly well. It creates highly realistic depictions of robotic creatures, animals, and, well, pretty much anything.

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