Everyone likes to talk about how people can post on the Internet anonymously, but true anonymity is increasingly hard to come by. Advertisers, spammers, hackers, and any other number of bad actors -- not to mention your own social media accounts -- are interested in tracking where you go on the web, and what you do while you're there. Some kind of VPN service is necessary for anyone who wants to actually protect their privacy while on the Internet. And TunnelBear is a VPN that offers a simple solution for keeping your online data safe and secure.

TunnelBear is designed to be easy to use on nearly any Internet-connected device. Once activated, the VPN will work unobtrusively in the background, so you won't even know that it's there. But rest assured, it will be working diligently to protect your data and protect your privacy online, preventing anyone from tracking your IP address by generating a new one with each browsing session.

A Two-Year Subscription To TunnelBear VPN Is Less Than $5 Per Month


As the name TunnelBear implies, the service also give you the ability to "tunnel" to almost anywhere on the globe, no matter where you happen to physically be at the time. That's because TunnelBear's virtual private network has servers in 22 countries. Want to keep your American apps working while abroad? Just use TunnelBear and set your location to the US, no matter where you happen to roam.

By virtually "tunneling" to other countries, you can also use TunnelBear to bypass regional content restrictions or even local Internet censorship. TunnelBear will also help you bypass other dastardly aspects of online browsing, like speed throttling. And it works by way of airtight AES 256-bit encryption by default. If you use TunnelBear VPN, you don't even have the option of using a weaker level encryption.

TunnelBear's commitment to online security and privacy even extends to its own business practices. They pledge never to use or even log any of your online activity for any reason, and they're proud to be the only VPN service that submits to annual third-party security audits.

A two-year subscription to TunnelBear will cost just $4.17 a month, a paltry sum compared to the peace of mind it offers. The two-year plan includes TunnelBear's lighting-fast servers, unlimited data, priority customer service, annual independent security audits, and protection for up to five devices.

So basically, if you're worried about your online security, you have no reason not to give TunnelBear's two-year plan a try right now. Check it out here, and enjoy privacy, security, and freedom whenever you go online.

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