This is a video for the "Engineering For You" video contest. It is a compilation video that was only made possible because of hundreds, thousands, millions of engineers (and like-minded people across the globe) working together to create a world that, a mere century ago, none of us could dream was possible.

Every time you see a stunning image from NASA, everytime an amazing discovery is unveiled by the Mars rovers, besure that you thank an engineer

But sadly, there are many who don't seem to appreciate this work. They don't see the relevance in our everyday lives. For example, people often ask why we should bother exploring space. Why should we bother to send a rover to Mars, why search for alien planets, why land on an asteroid, why bother going to Pluto?

People say that it costs too much. They say that it’s too dangerous. They say that there are a million reasons that we shouldn’t use our engineering capabilities to accomplish these tasks - that we should, instead, focus on home.

Of course, there are many reason to explore space (and to explore in general). But I think that this answers the question rather eloquently. Here is NASA tech that invades your everyday life. See a larger image here.

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