• The satellite will have the flexibility to take on new roles at anytime - in coverage, in frequency band, and power use. If it needs to be moved, perhaps to fill in behind another satellite that has failed in orbit, it will simply mimic the profile of the lost platform.
  • "Active means the coverage - where you point - can be moved around at the touch of a telecommand through a process called software definition," explained James Hinds from Airbus. "This means, for example, you can put power where the market demands it, or, and this does happen, you can change your coverage to mitigate interference in places where someone is unintentionally, or even intentionally, jamming your signal."
  • Eutelsat has yet to fully define the initial mission for Quantum. It will however likely work predominantly in the Ku frequency band. It should find itself relaying video, data, telephone calls and broadband connectivity to a range of customers - some static, some on the move. Quantum could even feed direct-to-home TV if required, although this is one application for which it would not be best-suited.

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