• The main difference between this solar cell and those in existing solar panels is their size -- the new solar cell is approximately 1,000 times thinner. The thin-film cell consists of layers of silver and gold between the semiconductor layers, but the combined thickness is still only a few hundred nanometers thick, compared to a piece of paper which is 100,000 nanometers thick.
  • The cell also overcomes some of the major problems with current solar tech like wear out or damage from high heat that comes from the absorption of great amounts of ultraviolet and infrared radiation that can't actually be turned into electricity due to a narrow band gap (the wavelength of light that can effectively be used to generate electricity).
  • The Army says that the geometry of the solar cells allows them to absorb the same rate of sunlight at any angle, which means that they don't need sophisticated sun tracking systems to generate the maximum amount of energy.

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