• The Los Gatos-based startup has raised $13 million to change your mood using electrical stimulation. Thync’s gadget is more of a module than a headset. It’s small, plastic, and contains a Bluetooth radio for connecting to your phone. You attach it to a disposable adhesive strip, which you apply to your temple and neck.
  • When you open Thync’s app, it quickly connects to the module and then lets you choose between two emotional states: calm and energy. Once you begin, you can dial the intensity of the experience up or down, giving you control over just how mellow or excited you’ll be at the end of a session.
  • At its $299 launch price, those who buy Starbucks or the like every day might have found that use case making some monetary sense, though the need for $20 replacement packs of the disposable adhesive strips after five to fifteen uses — and the Borg-like visage of having the module strapped to one’s forehead — might turn potential users away for now.

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