AXO Suit Project

Researchers from Aalborg University have started the three-year long European Union AXO Suit Project with the hope of promoting physical activity for elderly individuals. The AXO Suit is a lightweight exoskeleton that seniors could briefly use during specific physical activities like gardening and going out for a walk, enabling them to be mobile and independent for a longer time. Its small electric mountable motors serve as a "power boost" for the elderly's arm and leg movements, thus, making everyday tasks that they may find strenuous easy to do again. The electric motors' strength is kept at a comfortable level of only 30-50% capacity. The suit is intended to be used for 1-1.5 hours.

Future Plans

The team wanted to make it clear that the AXO Suit isn't catered for those who are paralyzed or disabled, as it is just a "tool" aimed to keep the elderly active and on their toes. The portable first prototype for the suit is set to be released within a year, and hopefully the AXO Suit will be commercially available on the market within five years.

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