After years of obsessing over the creation of invisibility cloaks made famous by fictional movies, the time has come for an environmentally-aware clothing to come to fruition.

Meet Aerochromics, a shirt collection designed by Nikolas Bentel. Aerochromics' purpose is to ensure safety by warning the wearer of the harmful particles (such as carbon monoxide, particle pollution, and radiation) surrounding him. It's the perfect shirt for any post-apocalyptic scenario. According to Aerochromics, the clothes will "...give you more agency over your body and well-being and the air you breathe in."

The clothes work by reacting to the particles surrounding the wearer, changing its pattern, revealing some sort of black and white abstract design—the clearer the design gets, the more dangerous the level of air pollution is.

At a steep price of $500 a shirt, Bentel's Aerochromics will most likely have low marketability; but according to him, sales aren’t of great importance. With wanting to spread awareness about the hidden pollution, the project’s store is just "secondary to the actual project...whose intent is to highlight the dangers of poor environmental practices."

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