The Breakthrough

Friedrich Schiller University researchers from Germany have been able to produce more refined results from a well-established imaging technique from the 80s. By using ultrafast beams of ultraviolet light, they were able to create the highest resolution photos that have ever been achieved with this technique at a specific wavelength. This is done by firing an x-ray at a target with the light scattering off, while the photons find their way onto a detector. A computer will then do the analysis to reconstruct the paths of the photons to generate an image of the target.

The Implications

This new approach can be useful in studying everything from cancer cells to semiconductor chips if it is to be improved upon. The thought of producing high-resolution as well as real-time imaging can find much use in many applications. Engineers, for example, can use it to locate tiny defects in the chips of a semiconductor, while biologists can ultra zoom in on organelles which make up a cell.

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