According to the United Nations, each year, landmines kill somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 people. Sadly, a vast majority of these individuals are innocent civilians (children, women and the elderly) as opposed to armed combatants.

As the UN website states, "Many mines remain from the Second World War. In addition, since the 1960s as many as 110 million mines have been spread throughout the world into an estimated 70 countries."

Now, a team led by designer Massoud Hassani created a device that can autonomously detect and detonate land mines. The device, called Mine Kafon Drone (MKD), has the potential to rid the world of these deadly explosives in less than ten years.

The drone is designed to make the detection of land mines cheaper, safer, and easier. It has six rotors and three different attachments. The first is used to map the area, the second is a meta detector used to detect the presence of mines, and the third one is a robotic arm that is used to place the detonators at the right locations.

The drone then retreats from the area, and this is followed by the detonation of the land mines.

The creators of MKD previously created a mine detonator called Mine Kafon. Hassani and his team are currently raising funds for their device on Kickstarter, aiming to receive € 70,000 ( US$77,000) in funding.

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