Lamellar Titanium Technology

Global medical device company K2M has invented a new 3D printing technique called "Lamellar Titanium Technology," which produces spinal implants made with a rougher and porous form of titanium that's associated with bone growth. The technique aims to emulate how actual lamellar structures work, and they try to do so by using titanium powder and high-energy laser beams. The spinal implants also have 500 micron diameter pores that enables that patient's existing bone to grow around the bioprinted ones.

K2M's Plans

Lamellar Titanium Technology is seen as an "innovative alternative" to existing titanium designs since it encourages bone growth. K2M plans to integrate the new technology to their current line-up of CASCADIA AN and TL Interbody systems, as all lines feature spinal implants of varying sizes "designed to accommodate the vertebral anatomy." The porous nature of the titanium also presents as an opportunity for CASCADIA to provide higher quality radiographic imaging.

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