• Butterfleye uses image face detection, thermal imaging, learning algorithms, audio analytics, and more to detect what it is recording. This means that the camera does not have to record an empty room, or the daily activities of someone living in the house. Instead, it will only record notable events and push them to its companion app.
  • Many people are worried about having an internet-connected home camera because it could be used for spying by unknown third-parties, or even domestic partners. Butterfleye tackles this issue by applying its processing layer before it even records the footage, actively detecting who and what is in the frame to avoid unnecessary peeping.
  • The camera is wireless and battery operated, with the rechargeable battery able to last two weeks per charge. The company has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, although they are very far along in the development process. It will retail at $249 when it hits the markets.

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