The technology

DOM Indoors, a new robotics system developed by Asmbld, turns a home into a shapeshifting space that can transform into one's liking. The army of tiny robots works on a gridded floor five inches above ground, and they rove on the space underneath while assembling the modular tiles and putting each one into place. By replacing their floors with DOM Indoors, the homeowner can control the system and get creative via the mobile app.

Real-life applications

Brookyln-based Asmbld says that DOM Indoors can increase a space's functionality; like using it as an office by day and a living room by night. A feature video shows its versatility, as it can be used as a lecture hall, a lounge area, a party space with private rooms - among others. The company only requires a good amount of space for the tiny robots to work with optimal efficiency. More details on the process can be found here

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