• Imagine being able to turn up the bass at a concert, or reduce the sound of a baby crying on a plane. That’s Kraft’s vision, and Doppler’s new “Here” active listening system is how he says he’ll prove it’s possible.
  • Doppler’s ambitions are to be able to effectively mute specific kinds of sound: a baby crying, the subway screeching, your partner snoring. “Here” uses a series of algorithms to modify certain frequencies as they enter your ears. The earbuds capture the incoming sound waves, processes the audio in real-time, and play it in your ear without any perceptible delay.
  • The most important part of “Here” are perhaps the music features. “Here” uses five sliders to change how you hear the bass, mids, and trebles of music playing out in the real world. Picture being able to turn the bass up at a concert — or down if you are having trouble hearing the singer.

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