• In July, PSAS launched a rocket that soared three miles into the sky. Andrew Greenberg, the Portland State professor advising the club, wants to put a nanosatellite into orbit. The club builds much of its technology from scratch, including avionics, GPS systems, and Wi-Fi as long-distance telemetry. 
  • The group is confident it has the skills to engineer its own innovative nanosatellite, but it's running into problems with the law. There's a ton of laws that ensure that space-going technology is safe and is unlikely to crash into populated areas. But getting regulatory approval is almost insurmountable for a group of part-time hobbyists. 
  • The group's working on a new rocket that they're calling the LV3. They hope it can fly 62 miles into the sky, which would mean the rocket has officially traveled to space. Read the whole piece over at Popular Mechanics

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