The Breakthrough

TriLite Technologies and TU Wien have created a prototype for a 3D display that uses special micro-optics and moving micro-mirrors that project different images in different directions. The display is made up of "TrixelTM" 3D pixels, which are made out of lasers and moveable mirrors. The mirror directs the laser beams across the field of vision, from left to right. During that movement the display image is changed. It works with the basic idea that "different images can be sent to the viewer's left and right eye," thus, creating a 3D image that doesn't require the use of 3D glasses. 

The Prototype

The two companies recently released a new prototype - a full color display with Trixels equipped with RGB lasers. The new 12x9 prototype opens up the possibility of creating a large outdoor display. The group says that the research is complete and they are actively in the process of bringing the product to market across the world.

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