9 Out of 10

Studies show that nine out of ten women suffer from period pains each month—a condition that can range from being an inevitable monthly nuisance to an inescapable debilitating ailment.

To date, women have very limited options to manage their menstruation. They could either take contraceptives that allow them to skip it altogether (this often comes with a host of other, decidedly unfun side effects), or take over the counter painkillers to help manage things.

But a device called Livia now claims that it can “turn off” the pains instead.

The two electrodes that come with the device are designed to be positioned on the abdomen. Once the device is switched on, it delivers small electrical pulses to your nerves, which work to ease the pain.

Image Credit: Livia

How Does It Work?

It’s essentially a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machine, which are typically used to treat various pain through nerve stimulation, that is designed specifically for period pains. And it works by ‘confusing’ the body’s nervous system so that it gets the pain signals mixed up.

"The idea is the nerve system cannot work with two types of signals at the same time," CEO of Livia, Chen Nachum explained to Belluz, "so what Livia does is transmit frequency to the nerve system that it is very similar to the body's frequency, but it's not something the body knows."

The device is currently available for preorder and is priced at $85 with a six month waiting period before it starts to ship. Simultaneously, the company behind the tech is conducting more studies to further understand just how effective it is.

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