• It’s been developed by Elysium He​alth, a research company that merges Silicon Valley’s infatuation with living forever with East Coast science.
  • The development of the pill to be sold online should not work us up too much, but there’s a little detail: Elysium boasts ​five Nobel Prize winners (two for chemistry, three for medicine) in an advisory role. That’s interesting in two ways. The first is that Basis will be labelled a “dietary supplement,” as Elysium hasn’t yet tested the substance on humans, something neces​sary to sell it as an FDA-approved drug
  • For its part, Elysium has promised to conduct human tests as soon as possible, and to release the results to the public– although it may take deca​des to get conclusive evidence. Even after that, Basis could still have a hard time to get the FDA’s stamp of approval, as the authority d​oes not recognize old age as a disease in itself.

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